Carpet Tiles — Recycle and Re-use?

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For many years, Pavilion Floors has been an active recycler of flooring materials. In addition to the existing carpet removed from on-going projects, many other forms of recycling are practiced. Workroom waste, wrapping material, packaging, core tubes, cartons and trimmings are also included. In 2013, Pavilion Floors managed to divert nearly a quarter of a million pounds of carpeting from landfills. In doing this, the company discovered a little known secret. A large quantity of carpet tiles included in that “waste” appeared perfectly usable, in “like new” condition and could provide an economical solution for customers working to attain “green” initiatives. So Pavilion developed their Eco-Rescued Carpet Tile program to offer an environmentally sound yet economical solution for them.


Pavilion will conduct a thorough evaluation of the existing carpet tiles prior to replacement to determine the quality and quantity of carpet tiles to be processed. In a typical office setting, the installation crew will work after hours and use their Occupied Workplace Logistics (OWL) lifting equipment to carefully remove the old carpet tiles making sure they are handled correctly and an acceptable amount are recovered.

After the floor prep is completed, new carpet tiles are installed and the old carpet tiles are returned to the processing facility in Woburn. Pavilion Floors has established an identifiable standard for used carpet tiles and this is used for the comparison of processed tiles. Trained workers sort for partial tiles and excessive wear and those are directed to recycling. The acceptable tiles are carefully palletized and stored for future installation. To be re-used, the carpet tiles must meet strict sanitary requirements. Pavilion’s preferred company, Eco-logic, completes a thorough on-site cleaning to guard against bacteria and any remaining residue prior to certification.

In a recent project involving a significant amount of premium grade carpet tile, nearly 3,000 yards were able to be certified and set aside for future use. This suggests that in normal use, the life cycle of more than a quarter of the re-purposed carpet tiles would have been doubled. This is one of a number of ways to help achieve a “green” goal for both the customer and Pavilion Floors.

For more information, please contact a representative from Pavilion Floors.