Recycling and the Environment

Over 1.3 Million Pounds of Material Recycled

Pavilion Floors’ commitment to the environment cannot be overstated. We do business in an environmentally proactive and responsible way consistent with our policy of corporate citizenship and sustainability. Our goal is to conserve natural resources and cut down on waste through source reduction and recycling. We will collect and dispose of waste through safe and environmentally sound methods. We encourage the efficient use of energy and use renewable sources of energy whenever possible. In line with this philosophy, we encourage our business partners and vendors to do likewise.

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Pavilion Floors Recycling

We are keenly aware of the environmental issues surrounding our industry and the need for compliance with federal, state and local regulations. We are members of the U.S.Green Building Council with a LEED accredited advisor available for consultation. We also participate in the Carpet America Recovery Effort (CARE) and, as a member/owner in the FUSE Commercial Flooring Alliance, participate in their Ecollect™ program. Since we began this effort in 2011, we were able to recycle or repurpose 1,653,348 pounds of material.

We also subscribe to The Pharos Project, a largely consumer oriented project providing on-going research that will make information about building materials transparent and available in extensive chemical and materials libraries. It will help identify that which is truly “green” and matches the user’s values.

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